The Wonderful World of Cross Stitch

We’ve been active cross stitchers for so many years simply because it is fun, but there are also many benefits that may not be obvious to all. There are so many distractions in the world today, working on cross stitch is a fantastic way to slow down just a bit and encourage you to focus. Speaking of all those distractions, for many those distractions can lead to increased stress levels. Working a cross stitch is a great way to slow down and calm yourself a bit. For some there may even be health benefits to working on cross stitch. Sure, you won’t get a cardio workout but you may see improvements in your flexibility and dexterity. Finally, working on a cross stitch can be a good reason to get together with your friends and be social!

Your cross stitch projects are only limited by your imagination. Every color of the rainbow (and likely then some) are possible to include in your design. The designs themselves can range from abstract to photorealistic.

From small to large.

From beginner to advanced.


We hope to have our online store up soon and welcome you to join us for the wonderful world of cross stitch!