With all of the time and effort that goes into working on your masterpiece, cutting corners on your floss selection simple does not make sense. Many cross stitch kits already come with floss but ask yourself before starting a project if you are happy with the color and quality of everything that was included. If in doubt, don’t be afraid to replace or upgrade. Selecting the correct fiber type helps achieve the desired look in your finished project.

In other cases the quality of the included fibers may be okay but you simply would like to include a little more pizzazz. Consider replacing a matte cotton floss with something more exciting such as a metallic and hand painted silk. Or perhaps you’d like to swap out a color to better complement a room the final piece will be displayed in. If it is a geometric design or a simple picture with no shading, replace the colors however you see fit although more care should be taken for complex works.

There are many high quality manufacturers of floss but a few stand out above the rest:


Gentle Art

Weeks Dye Works

Crescent Colors


Dinky Dyes


Needlepoint Inc